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  •  Tired of trying again and again trying to figure out the continuing progress?

  • Want to stop wasting time figure out things by yourself and let me guide to for progress?

  • Want to improve your health, body composition or overall fitness without any BS?

  • Stop YOYO-ing and waste your time!

  • Let me as a Certified Personal Trainer guide you into new habits making the journey sustainable and enjoyable as possible

Let's get to work! 👊🏼


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over 250 meals to chose from! Delicious recipes with instructions!

Plenty of exercises with intructions!

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Name is Bapicean (Bapi), I’m 26 years old, born in Kirkenes, Norway. 

I have always been active throughout my life, from playing football, sprinting and long jumping to karate and eventually found fitness really interesting. 

After high school I took a personal trainer course to improve my knowledge in the field. Best decision I ever made.
With more knowledge about how the body is moving, biomechanics and anatomy. This was the reason I chose to study medicine, to know in depth about the body whilst staying in the same field. 

I am now a certified personal trainer (2015) from AFPT - Norway’s if not Europe’s top personal trainer courses and currently studying medicine. I have been training in the gym for almost 10 years now and accumulated experience + knowledge when coaching clients and learned from my own mistakes on my journey, which I want you to avoid. My knowledge exponentially grew during the Personal Trainer course, and I learned things I didn’t think off. But anyhow getting the Personal Trainer Certificate is just the beginning, it's what you do after which determines if you are a dedicated Coach or not. The best coaches keep themselves updates in the field.

Studying medicine is of course beneficial to fitness, in a way that you understand more about the body. But a doctor is not a personal trainer and vice versa. Combination of both fields + my experience gives me a really good foundation which my clients can benefit from.

My goal is to teach you how to improve your health and body composition, whilst making it enjoyable and sustainable as possible. Let’s connect.



Certified Personal Trainer

+ Medical Student

+ 10 Years Experience

+ Lifetime Natural 



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© 2021, Bapi Fitness  |  Web solution provided by NiliDesign.